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Corporate and Business 

Corporate and Business

Owning and operating a business isn’t easy. You have faced plenty of obstacles, pushing and fighting for those little successes that have made your company what it is today. We can work together with you and your company to build a strong financial foundation that is also ready to overcome the hurdles of the future.

Employee Retirement Plans

Establishing retirement plans for business owners and employees now can offer bigger tax incentives and much needed financial security later. But it can be hard to know which plan is right for you. Here is some information on retirement plans you might already be looking into.


A 401K is basically a retirement savings plan provided by employers for his or her employees. It deducts a portion of an employee's pre-taxed wages every paycheck and places it in a pension account. In the account, it is allowed to accumulate interest without being taxed until withdrawn for retirement.

Added benefits: Having a good 401K option makes your company more attractive to job seekers and creates incentive for employees to stay with you for the long haul. Contributions to an employee’s 401K are also tax deductible.


A 403b is a retirement savings plan similar to the 401K, but eligibility is limited to nonprofits, religious groups, school districts, and governmental organizations.


SEP-IRA (Simplified Employee Pension Individual Retirement Arrangement) is a retirement account for self-employed or small business owners. It allows you to set up individual retirement accounts (IRAs) for yourself and your employees.

Succession Planning

You won’t be around forever. Hopefully your business will be.

A well designed succession plan can foster healthy growth and development during seasons of transition. Having already thoughtfully discerned who the next leaders will be helps ensure the continued success of your business.

Sole Proprietorship

Sole proprietorship refers to a business owned and operated by a single person. Without a planned successor, a sole proprietorship often dies with this person, making succession planning a significant necessity in securing the future of the business.


Partnerships among two or more people are common in the small business world. A well-structured succession plan for every partner can help ease tensions and transitions for all involved in your business.

Buy-Sell Agreement

Buy-Sell agreements are a common type of succession planning for businesses of all kinds. The agreement details the conditions for a business to be sold to a key employee or employees following the owner's death.

Key-Man Insurance

A form of life insurance to protect a business from loss in the event of a death or incapacitation of an important or key member of the business.