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Non - Profit

Giving back to our community is a way of life at Kerr Financial Family, whether it is our time, money, or blood (platelets). Through our involvement with non-profit groups, we realize there are many challenges in running a successful organization, such as: high turnover among key board and staff leaders, protecting existing capital, use of donations for activities indirectly related to the mission like advertising and marketing, and the effect of the recent economic downturn, in which donors have become more selective in their giving.

To weather these challenges, responsible financial management helps ensure the non-profit organization has adequate funds to fulfill its mission, now and in the future. This is where our Non-profit Team can be your partner.

  • Effective communication leads to clarity. Our Wealth Managers and Non-profit Team will establish a close, consultative relationship with the executive director, board and staff. Each organization is unique; and there must be well-established communication between the organization and the Wealth Manager
  • Financial planning that meets your needs. We will conduct a thorough discovery process and gain agreement on a complete understanding of the non-profit’s needs, goals, challenges, and opportunities. From there, we can develop a plan that manages risk and coordinates with the strategic plan of the organization.

Our other services:

Endowment Management
What is an endowment? A financial asset donation made to a non-profit group or institution in the form of investment funds or other property that has a stated purpose at the bequest of the donor. Most endowments are designed to keep the principal amount intact while using the investment income from dividends for charitable efforts.

Investment Policy Statements
Does my organization need an Investment Policy Statement? If a non-profit group or institution has invested assets, then an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) is needed. This document outlines the overall investment strategy, goals (both short and long-term), and decision-making process in defining, allocating, and investing assets.

Education and assistance in your fund-raising efforts
Our Non-profit team is available to teach your staff and volunteers best practices in donor management. Also, we are able to assist with your donors’ Charitable Planning through Charitable Remainder and Life-Income Trusts, as well as Charitable donations through Insurance and Retirement Planning.

To see if our services are a right fit for you, please call us at 800.930.3642.