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June 09, 2021

Cybercrime and Identity Theft

Wanted to share with you three points to help you secure your personal information.

The best personal protection point is Do Not click on any link sent to you in an email even if it looks like it came from a friend’s email.  Criminals are hard at work to get information they can use to take over your accounts. 

Do not use the same password for different accounts…Bank, Amazon, Netflix, Social network, to name a few.

Replace passwords with passphrases Amazon-yesterdaydelivery would be better than samedaydelivery.

Get a Social Security account.  This will enable you to secure your account with security.  I just logged in to my account and had to have a text message sent to my phone I had provided then provided the code.  If someone had tried to login when the code was sent it would have alerted me that someone was trying to log in to my account.

We need to be smart with our information since others are out there working to get it.

Please give us a call if you have any questions about how to secure your information or to be notified if someone is trying to use your information.